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  • What are Nethermorphs?

    They are the antagonists of the Omnimorphs narrative universe, dark beings who seek to destroy the Omnimorphs and the world they inhabit.

  • What is the Nethermorphs Summoning?

    It's a two-week event where Omnimorph and OmniTotem collectors can obtain Nethermorphs digital collectibles in exchange for their OmniTotems.

  • What are the Nethermorphs digital collectibles?

    They are pure digital collectible artworks. Their role is to artistically expand the Omnimorphs narrative universe, with the antagonists Omnimorphs deserve.

  • How many collectibles are distributed in the summoning?

    100 of the 777 Nethermorphs are distributed in the two-week summoning event. The rest will be bundled with "Omnimorphs: Beyond the Veil" book purchases for Omnimorph collectors.

  • How can I participate in the summoning?

    If you own at least 1 Omnimorph and 1 OmniTotem, you can participate in the bidding. For details check out our minting guide article..

  • Are there tiers of Nethermorphs digital collectibles?

    Yes! Thank you for asking! There are two tiers: regular and rare. Their distribution in the total collection of 777 is 80% regular and 20% rare. However, amongst the 100 collectibles distributed in the summoning, the ratio is 60% regular, and 40% rare.

  • Are there 1/1 artworks in the collection?

    Yes, there are 7 1/1 artworks in the total collection of 777. There are 2 guaranteed 1/1s amongst the 100 collectibles distributed in the summoning.

  • What is Omnimorphs: Beyond the Veil?

    It's an illustrated novel set in the Omnimorphs narrative universe, featuring original artworks by Daniel Taylor and guest artists. The storyline for the novel was created through a web3-powered story-building experience, with the active participation of the community.

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