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Crafting tales of myth and wonder in the metaverse.


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Omnimorphs — 1 Year Anniversary Article


Omnimorphs — 1 Year Anniversary

We had no idea 1 year ago how much we will learn and how many new friends we would end up making along our journey. This means everything to us, and it’s what fuels our passion to keep exploring new frontiers for art & storytelling in web3.

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Completed Milestones

OmniLore Story-Building Experience

OmniTotem holders have the possibility to steer the direction of the main Omnimorphs storyline and win Omnimorphs-themed custom NFT artworks by Daniel Taylor. The stories and artworks are to be compiled to a phygital art-book.

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Sandbox Game Maker Fund

We were fortunate enough to receive funding through the Sandbox Game Maker Fund for creating 3 Omnimorphs-themed experiences: 2 Social Hubs on 1x1 lands and one Single Player Game on a 2x1 land.

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The OmniFusion utility gives owners the opportunity to combine two of their Omnimorph NFTs customizing the look & rarity of their avatar. They receive a Soul Shard in exchange for one of their NFTs.

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10.000 generative totems from the Omnimorphs fictional universe free to claim for Omnimorph holders. Story fragments from the Omnimorphs universe are attached to each NFT.

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Sandbox Partnership

Omnimorphs have become Premium Partners of the Sandbox metaverse. As a result, Omnis obtained a 3x3 estate in the Sandbox.

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Sold Out

The Omnimorphs NFT collection successfully sold out on 16 September 2021 in a matter of ~10 minutes.

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Omnimorphs - Partners
Omnimorphs - Partners
  • Omnimorphs Partner - Polygonal Mind
  • Omnimorphs Partner - The Sandbox
  • Omnimorphs Partner - The Sandbox Game Maker Fund
  • Omnimorphs Partner - Crypto Avatars
  • Omnimorphs Partner - Temple Tuttle


Omnimorphs was created by a group of friends from Budapest who met 10 years ago at university. We’ve all worked in different fields and got into crypto and NFTs on different paths. Since then, we were joined by wonderful members of our community to keep exploring exciting new concepts at the intersection of art and technology.

  • Omnimorphs Team Member - Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor
  • Omnimorphs Team Member - Huba Gaspar
    Huba Gaspar
    Tech Lead
  • Omnimorphs Team Member - Gabor Molnar
    Gabor Molnar
    UX / Metaverse
  • Omnimorphs Team Member - Christiana Tudor
    Christiana Tudor
    Community Manager
  • Omnimorphs Team Member - Jared Daugherty
    Jared Daugherty
    Lore Master
  • Omnimorphs Team Member - Marcell Gengeliczky
    Marcell Gengeliczky
    Content Manager

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