About Omnimorphs

Our vision is to revive the playful, creative side of humanity through healthy escapism.


We believe escaping to self-expand is a fundamental human need and a way to cope with everyday hardships, that will create a more humane society. We do not support escapism as a mean of self-suppression. This is exemplified in Omnimorphs Lore.

In the curious world of Omnimorphs connecting to our creative humanity manifests the means to crush the powers that want to separate us. Omnimorphs guide other sentient beings towards a higher purpose and being. Higher purpose defeats selfish motivation.

Omnimorphs - Partners
Omnimorphs - Partners
  • Omnimorphs Partner - Polygonal Mind
  • Omnimorphs Partner - The Sandbox
  • Omnimorphs Partner - The Sandbox Game Maker Fund
  • Omnimorphs Partner - Crypto Avatars
  • Omnimorphs Partner - Vipe.io