What Are Omnimorphs

Omnimorphs is a generative NFT art collectible project of 10.000 unique, digitally hand-drawn avatars immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain. Apart from amazing, quality artworks, we are also set on creating extra functionalities for the tokens, such as OmniFusion, future airdrops, claimable addon collections, and more.

Unique, 1/1 generated

Unique, 1/1 generated

Every Omnimorph possesses a unique combination of traits with varying rarities. Some will look clean and simple, some chaotic, but no two will look the same.

Governance token (DAO)

Governance token (DAO)

Through the Omnimorphs DAO we strive to include our community in the important decisions from the start. We'll consult Omnimorph holders on implementation details of our features through votes on snapshot.org.

140+ traits in 16 categories

140+ traits in 16 categories

...which amounts to over 100 Trillion total variations. On top of singular traits, the collection relies on set mechanics for an extra layer of rarity.

Digitally hand-drawn

Digitally hand-drawn

Most elements are 3D sculpted and used as a base for the detailed 2D artworks. We aimed to create an avatar project with a different feel.

Usage rights included

Usage rights included

Owners of each Omnimorph possess commercial usage rights to their NFTs. You’re free to use your artwork as you please.

Fair minting price

Fair minting price

Omnimorphs were sold at a flat price, of 0.08 ETH / token.


Example Omnimorph #166
Example Omnimorph #910
Example Omnimorph #587
Example Omnimorph #555
Example Omnimorph #203
Example Omnimorph #406
Example Omnimorph #1
Example Omnimorph #437
Example Omnimorph #222
Example Omnimorph #72

Background: Pistachio · 16%

Body: Flare · 20%

Mask Color Pieces - Sakura: 3/4 · 1%


No one knows the origin of the dark substance that makes up the entities we call Omnimorphs. The only certain thing is that they've been here on Earth since anyone can remember. For the most part, they've been quiet spectators over the ages, silently observing the rise and fall of empires and civilizations. While they rarely interfere in human matters, they seem to have a keen interest in us to an extent where one might rightfully call it a fixation.


Our roadmap focuses on the long run, we want our project to be a positive driving force in the NFT space!

  • 25%

    Airdropping renegade Omnimorphs

    We airdrop 10 Omnimorphs randomly for owners of the first 2500 tokens. ~2000 of these we expect to go to presale pass ow...

  • 50%
    In Progress

    Collaborations kicked off

    We feel that the style and mysterious lore of Omnimorphs is an extremely fertile ground for artist collaborations, and w...

  • 75%
    In Progress

    Start to work on the OmniFusion burncentive mechanic

    By burning an Omnimorph, the owner becomes eligible for fusing its traits into another one they hold. During fusing, the...

  • 100%

    Setting up the Omnimorphs DAO

    We're very excited about the community aspect of NFTs, and want to take it a notch further from having a super vibrant D...

  • +1
    In Progress

    Claimable collection: mysterious artifacts

    We will introduce a claimable collection of 10.000 artifacts from the Omnimorphs fictional universe that will be free to...

The Team

We’re a group of friends from Budapest who’ve met 10 years ago at university. We’ve all worked in different fields and got into crypto and NFTs on different paths. We’re here for the long run and plan on building a thriving project together with the community!

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor


  • Huba Gaspar
    Huba Gaspar


  • Gabor Molnar
    Gabor Molnar

    UX / Design