Community Lore

We're proud to say that the below stories were all written by our amazing community members! In many cases, we also used community created artworks for illustrating the stories, so in a way, this whole section is a homage to how the mysterious world and artwork of Omnimorphs inspired others, by which we are deeply humbled!

The shorts below feature separate narratives and ideas about what Omnimorphs are and how they co-exists with humanity on earth.

Story by JareD

An Omnimerry Christmas

A sense of Christmas cheer filled the air, the joyful glow of childhood excitement and wonder. Each year Marissa and her little brother Kaleb made sure to leave out Santa’s favorite snack: cookies and milk. Secretly though it wasn’t so much for Santa as it was to bide time. The siblings wanted to ca...

Story by JareD

A Halloween Special

“Got everything?” I asked Sumaya as she packed the last couple of items into the car. “Yep, I think so.” Pulling a crumpled checklist from her pockets she ran her finger down it. “All good” She confirmed. “Cool.” Said Alex impatiently from the other side of the vehicle. He had wanted to leave an ...

Story by JareD

The Omniscient

Isaac tore through the tree line. “37, 36, 35, …” Yari’s voice echoed through the woods behind him. Shroud and search was Isaac’s absolute favorite game and every Sunday after the village unity Prayer he would come to the forest to play. Today, however, was a little different. He had used up a...